New Chicks in the Coop

We now have four new baby chicks. They were brought to us by a former coworker who wasn’t allowed to keep them anymore by her landlord. At first, we were interested in helping her rehouse them with our neighbors who have more land and raised chickens all their lives. However, after spending a few days with them, we decided we would keep them.

We have an underground storage unit that housed them for the transitional period. Since, we still have our hen Moon, a full-grown pullet, we needed to make sure they would accept each other. Not wanting her to be annoyed right away, we kept the teenage chicks in a rabbit hatch with pee pads and shavings.

There is a short window of time when chicks are young in which it is a good time to get them accustomed to a new flock. There is only Moon, our Silver Laced Wyandotte, so the move into her coop was pretty smooth. We added another wood stake into the roosting area. Right now, all four chicks can roost on that one stick while Moon takes the other. No one is old enough to lay eggs in the nesting box. Eventually, we will have to add another nesting box. We suspect one of them is a Cockerel, so we might not even need another nesting box. Three hens to one nesting box is ok. Not ideal, but not insufferable either.

Mushroom, Toad, and LILO are the brown Partridge Batnam.

The smallest one is Zelda, a Sebright Batnam.


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