Easter Blues

It’s getting harder and harder to bring forth the joy during holidays and family traditions. Today, Sri Lanka was bombed and over 200 people were killed with over 400 severely injured as reported via the New York Times and other newspapers. That’s just the most recent numbers, last I checked.

It seems unimportant to post any celebrations. But it is in fact, very important to keep putting positive light out into the world. Many people are struggling every day to keep heads above water. They don’t need to think about the depressing things over and over. We need to lift each other up. This is not to say turn a blind eye or look the other way. Do what you can to help out, when you can with little things such as calling a friend who’s down or donate some money to the Salvation Army or other worthy charity. If you can’t do any of that, just put positive energy into the world. We are getting downtrodden and hopeless.

Today, I discovered that I could watch a church service online via their website’s live streaming software. It was a powerful service full of praise and worship dance and singing. The light that I felt from the people in the service inspired me to take my family to their Easter egg hunt in the afternoon. I’m not very religious but I do consider myself spiritual and I wanted to be around spiritual people who also happened to be religious.

The day was awesome. The congregation at the church was so welcoming. Everyone who came to the Easter egg hunt was loved as soon as we walked in. I’ve never seen anything like it, all colors and ages. It was an experience worth sharing.

It must be exhausting organizing egg hunts. And kids are serious about getting those eggs. My son knew he had to get sprinting as soon as they were discharged to start.

I loved their motto. Still standing. Dig deep inside and if we’re still standing, we must go on and drive forth goodness and strength. Still standing. Go forward.

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