Jane the Virgin Returning for Final Season

I cannot wait for Jane the Virgin to return for its fifth and final season. Jane the Virgin has become a symbol of hope for Latino women on tv. I would like to expand this accomplishment by saying it provides hope for all women of color.

Anytime, I see a Latino, African American, Asian, or any other person of color as the heroine, I am ecstatic. I grew up watching non-people of color on tv with their wide range of stories. I was able to relate to situational circumstances and some of my favorite childhood shows depict only white people. So, I don’t begrudge growing up with a lack of diversity. I am just so happy, happy to tears that diversity is finally becoming a norm. Growing up, I wasn’t just surrounded by white people. I had friends from India, Jamaica, Cambodia, all over the world and we didn’t live in a white only world. I like having what was real to me to be a reflection in entertainment.

Some naysayers say that we shouldn’t promote diversity for diversity’s sake. I disagree with that statement but I also think Jane the Virgin stands by itself as a glorious, creative piece of art. The writers crafted a witty, entertaining, and addictive story and I can’t wait for it to unfold.

Jane the Virgin is formatted as a telenovela for a westernized audience. We’ve all known someone, somewhere who watched the authentic telenovelas. Either the babysitter or a friend of a friend’s. We know what they are. The show is excellent in all its melodrama and impossible scenarios.

Counting down for the finale!

More about the show. Click here.



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