Cultural Holidays Worth Appropriating

With St. Paddy’s Day coming up, I’m compiling a list of worldwide cultural holidays, celebrations, and festivities everyone should totally yank and get included on. It might feel weird participating in an activity in a culture you didn’t grow up in but you might make friends. At the very least, I’m starting this list then researching what festivals are similar if any from my ancestors’ cultures.

I’m excluding things I already celebrate like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Help me make this list longer and more colorful by leaving a nice comment.

  • Mardi Gras – New Orleans
  • St. Paddy’s Day – Irish
  • Day of the Dead – Mexico
  • Lunar New Year – Various Asian
  • Diwali – Indian
  • Nowruz – Middle Eastern
  • Canada Day

I feel like there should be more on the list. Help!


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