End of Childhood Beliefs

I’m not prepared for my kids to stop believing in Santa Claus. That means the innocence of childhood is ending. They are on their way to becoming adults. For now, they are in the in-between space – not yet a grownup and not a little kid anymore.

We used to all set up camp by the fireplace on Christmas Eve. This garnered a sense of family togetherness and became our unique holiday tradition unlike any of our other family or friends. My daughter hadn’t wanted to participate last year or this year. I know for sure she’s grown out of this little ritual we do in preparation for Santa. At first, I was hurt but realized it was time.

We might lose the Santa camp out but we will never stop baking cookies for Santa. Lots of people do that and continue on after the end of childhood. That’s just fine to do and is fun with the family. My son baked gingerbread cookies with me this year, though I noticed he didn’t write a letter to Santa.

We will make new traditions such as ice skating at outdoor pavilions. Or perhaps, we can make a DIY wreath like we did this year. And the nice thing about my kids one day admitting they don’t believe in Santa anymore, is doing away with all those extra presents. For now, we’ll continue to believe they believe and honor the Santa Christmas list with a little help from old Saint Nick.


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