Follow Your Dreams No Matter

Follow your dreams no matter your age, your social status in life, or how much money you’ll need to make it happen. There are people who begin their dreams in their midlife. There are people who struggled and continue to struggle against social pressures due to their race or gender. There are people who are poor and work towards their dreams. There are children accomplishing mass progress in science or the arts that no adult has achieved in their grown adult lifetime.

No matter what your dilemma is, you can follow your dreams. And don’t forget that the act of pursuing your dream, whether you achieve it or not in the end, is following your dreams. Doing is achieving. Lastly, your dreams are fluid and you have to let them change if that is where life takes you. Failure to achieve a dream is not a failure so long as a new one is born.

Some people don’t even realize they have a dream until a dream finds them. I’m talking in particular about David Goggins.

This man’s story has changed my life. I know I will never run 30 miles after breaking my feet, peeing blood, and after running 70 miles previously. To hear him talk about the hardships of his life and the inner strength he drew from himself is humbling, to say the least. I understand this inner strength. I’m sure many of us have had to draw from our experiences to make a positive in our own lives. What sets him apart is after his achievement, he didn’t stop there. He makes winning struggles a way of life.

Nothing in life is easy. If there’s a goal to be had, we have to push through the suffering and go through the pain. I think of One Direction’s “I Lived.”

And I Hope That You Don’t Suffer

But Take the Pain

So for those of you out there, if you ever need the inspiration to keep you going, think about David Goggins. We don’t have to be David Goggins to achieve our dreams. We might not even know when a dream we never thought we could dare have, becomes ours. What we need to know is that no matter what, nothing is impossible.


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